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Groundbreaking Ceremony

Last Sunday, March 11 at 1pm we conducted a “private” groundbreaking ceremony with our core group of lot owners. Karla Marie led us in a Feng Shui Tu Wei clearing ceremony followed with the groundbreaking ceremony. When we arrived on the lot the sky was heavy with rain and the winds were cold. As we made preparations the sun came through the clouds and the air warmed for a wonderful afternoon. We walked the perimeter of the property visualizing our wishes for our community and our surrounding community while releasing any negativity from the past. As we spoke our final words a large beautiful hawk circled directly over us for several minutes – very moving!

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Green Day at White Rock Crossing!

Title: Green Day at White Rock Crossing!
Location: 700 Easton Rd. Dallas, TX 75218
Link out: Click here
Description: SAVE THE DATE to Lighten Your Load in 2011!

Charity Event at White Rock Crossing to Benefit:
Genesis Women’s Shelter
East Lake Pet Orphanage
& North Texas Food Bank

Experts from the Green Community will be there to visit with you while helping a good cause!
Details to follow.

DATE: January 29, 2011
TIME: 10am-4pm
LOCATION: 700 Easton Rd. Dallas, TX 75218
CONTACT: Vickie Anderson 972-617-9897
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2011-01-29
End Time: 16:00

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Meeting at White Rock Crossing, 700 Easton Rd. Dallas TX 75218.

We would love to meet you. Let’s find out if you have what it takes to join our NEW GREEN & Sustainable Eco-Community!

+ White Rock Crossing +

Meeting every TUESDAY 2:00pm at
700 Easton Rd. Dallas TX 75218.

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A Wildlife Haven inYour Own Yard

Title: A Wildlife Haven inYour Own Yard
Location: Central Market, 5750 E. Lover’s Ln., Dallas 75206, 2nd floor class room
Anne McFarland is an avid contributor to the bird and butterfly populations of Dallas. An avid gardener and naturalist, she promotes easy-care, earth-friendly landscape choices that create havens for people, pets, and local wildlife.

A brief outline of the talk:
- Discussion of wildlife gardening: how to define the limits and potential based on your home and family needs.
- Bird feeders/feed: what does work, what is just a waste of money
- Basic gardening tips: save time & money & tax dollars!
- Tree & shrub choices for birds
- Flowers and groundcovers for butterflies
- Myths and mistakes: get the facts

Start Time: 1:00 pm
Date: 2010-10-03
End Time:  2:30 pm

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Green Building 101 Video

This Green Building 101 video is a must-see for eco-friendly home buyers!

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Benefits of Eco Cohousing

There are many benefits to eco co-housing. Do you remember the times when people were closer to each other and neighborhood kids always played together?

Eco Co-housing brings these wonderful experiences back! This is our vision at White Rock Crossing: to build a cohesive, cooperative community based on respect, responsibility, and shared human and material resources.

We have a variety of Floor Plans to suit your needs!

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Green Home Seminar

Title: Green Home Seminar
Location: Central Market 5750 E. Lovers Ln. Dallas 75206
Description: Green Home Seminar for Home Buyers! Don’t miss all that you need to know when building your next home!
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-09-20
End Time: 20:00

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Green Dallas Festival @ Fair Park

Title: Green Dallas Festival @ Fair Park
Location: Fair Park, Dallas, Texas
Link out: Green Dallas Festival Full Details
Description: Ever wonder what green things are taking place in our own backyard! Well, the Green Dallas Festival at Fair Park is the place to go to find out! We will have a booth at the Green Dallas Festival. We hope to see you there!

Date: 2010-09-18
Start Time: 09:00 AM End Time: 5:00 PM

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