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Available Lots

Site Layout and Availability

This drawing is of the anticipated building arrangement. This may change with time as more owners add their ideas. Depending on how large your family is or how much space you want there are three main floor plans represented here by A, B and C. This is only fixed for the first floor that can still have some small modifications, yet the second floor is open to design as you wish. There are five lots that allow for total customization, within the parameters, represented by X.

See the Floor Plans for more details. Currently reserved lots are marked with a .

For lot pricing see below.

Satellite view of the future site of White Rock Crossing. Or click the image below to download a printable (PDF) site plan and pricing sheet.

Reserve Your Lot

Request and fill out a reservation agreement then return it to Deborah Skinner at Xaevin, LLC with a deposit of $2,500.00. If you cancel your reservation for whatever reason $2,000.00 will be returned to you while $500.00 will be forfeited.

For all opportunities regarding White Rock Crossing, please contact us by email here or at AndersonSargent Custom Builders, L.P. 972-617-3301 (cell), 972-617-9897 (off).